The Step-By-Step SYSTEM and PROCESS to MASTER Your Open and Polyamorous Relationships

The ONLY 16-week program for people who are serious about creating deep connection, pleasure and satisfaction in all of their relationships without feelings of jealousy and self-doubt and all that arguing!

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Over the course of 16 weeks, we will personally guide and support you as you learn and practice the essential skills and mindset that will lead you to polyamory mastery! This includes effective communication, managing jealousy and insecurity, understanding attachment and developing relationship agreements that work!

Live Coaching & Support

We hold bi-weekly LIVE calls where you can ask questions and get the support you need at whatever stage in the journey you are. We will help you deal with tough issues when they arise!

Individual Support

We will monitor your progress in the program, hold you accountable each week, and ensure you are getting the support that you need in areas where you are stuck. We will personally review everything you submit and meet with you individually at key milestones in your journey.

weekly live Training

We will deliver bi-weekly live training on all the topics you need to master your open or polyamorous relationships such as communication, attachment, addressing jealousy and building relationship agreements!

Join this immersive online experience with T&A designed to transform your polyamorous or open relationships!

Your Investment Per Couple/2-Person Partners:

Pay in Full: $2,950 USD

Payment Plan: 2 Easy Payments of $1,550 USD

Fast Action Bonus:

The first 5 who sign up or pay in full will get a ticket for an additional workshop with T&A!

Note: You will choose your option in the second window after you fill in your personal information.

To pay in Canadian Dollars, please visit this page.

This is for COUPLES and 2/3 PERSON PARTNERSHIPS who want to:

  • Stop the arguing and attacking and really start talking and listening to each other

  • Feel “safe” in their non-monogamous relationship

  • Learn how to be more securely attached to their partners

  • Create relationship agreements that work based on what they value in their relationships rather than on punitive rules

  • Find more ways of increasing desire and intimacy in their longer term relationships

  • No longer be obsessed with feelings of jealousy and insecurity and could learn how to self-soothe as well as feel supported by their partners.

We are Tara Lynne Franco, Relationship and Awesomeness Coach and André Turcotte, Sex+ Psychotherapist and Coach and we are here to support you in living a reality where you spend less time addressing conflict, unexpected surprises and dealing with struggle and more time enjoying and having sexy, hot relationships where your needs, wants and desires are met.


So... What's All Included?


Bi-weekly LIVE training by T&A:

We will do an in depth training on one of the 8 mastery modules bi-weekly.

A minimum of 12 hours over the course of the 16 weeks.

These will be recorded and available in the membership.

Bi-weekly group coaching and Q&A:

This is where you can ask us your questions and get live coaching from us on areas where you are stuck or need additional support.

If you cannot attend live, you can pre-submit your questions.

All the Tools and Worksheets:

There will be weekly activities / homework for you to do on your own and with your partner(s) to practice and apply what you’ve learned.

Don’t worry… like us, it will be transformational and fun!

Private Facebook Group for program participants:

This is where you can ask questions and access content you may have missed 24/7. It is a place for community and connection

with us and with others in the group who are on a similar journey as you.

Membership Site:

This is where all the training, exercises and additional resources are organized so you can access them at any time.

Fast Action Bonus:

The first 5 who sign up will get a ticket for an additional workshop with T&A!

And here’s the amazing part that is unique to our program:

You will get 2 private sessions with us at key milestones in your journey.

The first is when you start the program so we understand what your goals are and can ensure you have the results you want!

The second will be at the mid-point of your journey to ensure you are making progress towards your goals and to help propel you into the next phase of your growth.

If you worked with us privately this would cost:

Bi-weekly LIVE Training with us (value $6k)

Bi-weekly Coaching and Q&A Calls (value $4k)

Private sessions x 2 (value $1k)

Membership site - (value $0.5K)

Additional support via Private FB Group (value $0.5K)

Workshop (bonus) (value $0.5K)

Total value: $12,500

As we are offering this as a group program and are so excited to share what we know, we are able to offer this to you for:

$2,950 Pay in Full or

2 Easy Payments of $1,550

(1 payment on sign up and second the next month)

Note: To pay in Canadian Dollars, please visit this page.

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