FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS: Presented by T&A - Tara Lynne Franco and André Turcotte

of Let's Talk Polyamory



Uncover what's behind your feelings of jealousy (or those of your partner’s) and get an action plan of next steps to move past your fears to start feeling secure and fulfilled in just 90 minutes!

This MASTERCLASS Will Be Held...

Monday, January 9 @ 7PM EST

4PM Pacific . 6PM Central . 8PM Atlantic

Imagine you … enjoying your multiple relationships FREE of jealousy and insecurity

here are 3 ways this MASTERCLASS will change your RELATIONSHIPS forever:

Life changer #1

Discover the #1 cause of jealousy in your open or polyamorous relationships and exactly how to beat it for good.

Life Changer #2

Uncover the secrets of open relating that will increase your confidence and draw you closer to your lovers.

Life Changer #3

You'll learn the essential components of our Mastery Method™ the 6-stage roadmap to enjoying jealousy-free multiple relationships!

Tara Lynne Franco & André Turcotte

Relationship and Awesomeness Coach

& Sex+ Registered Psychotherapist

and Coach

MEET your hostS

Hi! We're Tara and André!

Together we co-founded T&A Coaching and Therapy and Let's Talk Polyamory, our amazing free online community supporting people exploring polyamory and other non-monogamous relationship styles through our weekly training broadcasts, discussions and events!

We are so proud to have helped hundreds of people gain confidence in themselves, find clarity on what they need and want, and clear out the barriers and stories that are preventing them from having the life and relationships they dream of! 

If you are ready to transform your jealousy into security and have wildly successful consensual non-monogamous relationships, join us for this free masterclass. You'll walk away with your own JEALOUSY FREEDOM Workbook with action steps to effectively manage insecurity if and when it occurs!

We can't wait to see you there!

xo T&A!

P.S. Even if you're not sure you can attend live, register for free so you'll get the workbook and get information on how to access the replay!

Disclaimer - This live challenge is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to understand and transform Your Jealousy. 

Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the Challenge, a program will be offered for purchase.


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